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用家用电脑检查视力靠谱吗 Take an Eye Exam on Your Laptop‘开云体育官网app’

本文摘要:I ' ve just taken an eye exam-not in A spiffy doctor ' s office with fancy contraptions,But in my living room with my smart phone and laptop A一般来说,眼科医生通过视力检查(折射检查)为患者开出镜子(普通或隐形眼镜)处方。今天,一个名为Opternative的新网站承诺了一种新技术,它可以让人们在家放松类似的检查过程。


I ' ve just taken an eye exam-not in A spiffy doctor ' s office with fancy contraptions,But in my living room with my smart phone and laptop A一般来说,眼科医生通过视力检查(折射检查)为患者开出镜子(普通或隐形眼镜)处方。今天,一个名为Opternative的新网站承诺了一种新技术,它可以让人们在家放松类似的检查过程。(威廉莎士比亚,Northernative,Northern Exposure(美国电视),家庭)To do the test,you need to have smart phone,A computer and atunfortunately,I don't make the cut,But for the purpose of experiencing this service first hand,I shaved an even 10 years off of my reaars此外,受试者的年龄必须在18至40岁之间。出乎意料的是,我不适合这个拒绝,但为了亲身体验这个服务,我把我的现实年龄乘以10岁。

(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),为了探索科学,玛利亚想要的小谎言是不是很重要?the actual exam is simple . you start by stepping 10 feet away from your computer-which opter native calibrates And walks you through using a computer实际测试过程非常简单。首先,回到离电脑10英尺(约3.0米)的3354Opternative,不能用信用卡和自己的鞋子尺寸准确地引导这条街。

完成这个阶段后,可以出色地转移到这个自助服务(D.I.Y)视力检查的其余阶段。整个测试还包括一系列视力检查(有时拒绝遮住眼睛),其中各种形状、图案、数字和文字经常出现在计算机屏幕上。指导口述和书面通知的全过程,将智能手机用作遥控器,通过页面上各种选择题的选项可以提问。At the end of the test,it asks you to fill out your medical And eye history,choose glasses or contacts ($40),or both ($60)you ' ll have a digital eye prescription within 24 hours。


(大卫亚设,公交车更容易吧?在24小时内拿回了一张数字化的眼科处方。Except,that's not what happened to me。

但是我的经历并不是这样。Shortly after finishing the exam,I received a series of emails from some one at opter native support,Advising me to go see an eye doctor in pervising me to go see an eye doctor检查完成后,我收到Opternative发来的多封电子邮件,并建议我特别访问眼科医生。公司很快归还了我的40美元,明确提出不在我所在的地区帮助找有一点信任的医生。此外,他们坦率地建议我配一个屈光度为1.50 D(150度)的放大镜。

Wait。Rejection。What happened?坚持住!不要整天做。你怎么回去的?With my permission,aaron Dallek,the company's co-founder,Spoke with the California-based ophthalmologist who reviewed my(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,希望如此)First,I Hadn ' t ever Seen an Eye Doctor in person,other than doing regular Eye Checks with my Family Physician . ss首先,除了拒绝家庭医生定期检查眼睛外,没有特别访问过眼科医生。

第二,我曾经说过,晚上开车时实际灯光周围模糊,眼睛累的时候读者不会经常遇到问题。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),)对44岁(我的实际年龄)的人来说,这种症状很少出现,但对34岁(我虚报的年龄)的人来说,这种症状会经常出现,医生不要担心。Even though I fooled no one,in my quest to test opter native,I still found the process to be straight forward and relatively hassle-free但是我的初衷是想体验opternative,所以没能蒙混过关,但我还是觉得这个检查很有趣,很简单。

Opternative最适合想配新眼镜或想试试新品牌的隐形眼镜,正在赶上眼科检查中间时间的人。(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视),女性)该公司表示,计划明年将适合该检查的对象扩大到40岁以上的人口。now some bad news . you ' ll need 25 uninterrupted minutes to take the test . unfortunately,it ' s also not covered by insurance And it ' s only anymost important,It ' s not a comprehensive eye exam so It ' s not a good option for people who have an unusual symptom or are worried about their eyr现在我再说一些坏消息。

这项检查必须反过来展开25分钟。此外,目前只有30个州可以使用这项服务,费用不能缺席医疗保险。最重要的不是全面的眼科检查,如果没有异常症状或担心患上青光眼、白内障、糖尿病等眼病,那就是明智自由的选择。Even so,for people who are candidates for The service,The company says The results are statistically equivalent to a traditional in-personal从统计上看,这些结果与传统的面对面检查非常相似。


opter native does have a disclaimer at the bottom of its home page 3360 " opter native ' s service does not include any type of eye health exam "“Opternative我们不仅为患者提供验光服务,还遵循建议的普通眼镜或隐形眼镜的处方。”Even so,the American opto metric association does not support online eye exams . the a . o . a . president,Dr. Steven lood Has said he 's不反对网上眼科检查。史蒂芬卢米斯(Steven Loomis)会长担心,如果眼病患者品尝到数字检查的便利,很少会跳过直接去看规范化眼科医生的“困难”,A . O . A " Opter Native Knows It ' s not offering any one an Eye Exam“we actively oppose inferior And outright bad patient care,And instances when technology can be abused in a way that leaves patients misled.卢米斯博士在电子邮件中说。

"我们对杯葛水平低的患者的医疗感到反感,赞成用欺骗技术误导患者,使他们无法掌握健康状况。“Adding to the criticism from the optometry community is a law suit alleging one of opter native ' s co-founders used proprietary information Nal这一扰乱与Opternative的在线视力检查有关,并已就庭外和解达成协议,但明确对该公司的宣传能力提出了诸多挑战。

what does all of that have to do with the convenience of getting a prescription for glasses or contacts?Nothing for me。heeding opter native's advice,I made an appointment with an eye doctor,And spent two hours in his office And more than $ 500 to end up bar寻求Opternative的建议,打电话给眼科医生,在他的办公室花了两个小时以上,但最终结果只是回到了原地。

和一双放大镜一起否认视力已经不如以前了。I personally did not feel misled by my online eye exam experience,But I am not surprised that eye doctors are wary about online services . other media眼科经常出现这种服务只是时间问题。



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